About Enerpar

Founded in 2007, the group enerpar arises from a number of synergies and a common goal: sustainable energy from biomass recovery through a global perspective of vertical integration, since the origin of biomass to its final energy use.

To achieve its high sustainable levels the group uses the experience, high capacity of R&D, partnerships with customers, suppliers, universities and the follow up of national and international biomass markets, which infers a dynamic and always updated positioning of the group.

Enerpar holds three companies dedicated to different biomass areas, from forestry to manufacturing, project and design.

The group has impressive growth potential and profitability through its experience at Enermontijo: the 80.000 MTPY wood pellets plant operating since 2008 in south Portugal, which supplies the major electricity producers of central and northern Europe.

Av. José Malhoa, nº 2 - 2º Andar Esc.2.10 - 1070-325 Lisboa, Portugal
T +(351) 217 223 634/5 F +(351) 217 223 636