Enermontijo is the wood pellets plant of the Enerpar Group, operating since 2008 and located in the southern region of Portugal, Pegões.

Wood pellets production at Enermontijo increased 15% from 2010 to 2011.

Over than 97% of production is exported to central and northern Europe (Benelux, Denmark...) and industrial customers in Portugal grew, in delivered quantities, from 1,5% in 2010, to 2,6% in 2011.

The turnover also increased significantly in 2011, from 7,00M€ in 2010 to 7,94M€ in 2011, which represented an EBITDA of 1,55M€ in 2010 and 1,71M€ in 2011.



- 100% national origin

- Pine, mainly roundwood but also chips and sawdust forms, delivered at Enermontijo wood yard gate

- Strategically sourced within the minimum radius distance from plant

- Best applied forest management practices by loggers

- Sustainable feedstock supply chain

- Solid and structured commercial relations with suppliers

Av. José Malhoa, nº 2 - 2º Andar Esc.2.10 - 1070-325 Lisboa, Portugal
T +(351) 217 223 634/5 F +(351) 217 223 636