Our Pellets

There was an enormous development in the pellets market during the last two decades, from a more or less unknown product in the early 1990s to an international and inter-continental trade market. Additionally, international environmental obligations lead the large district heating and power producing companies to convert their large coal burning plants to the use of solid biofuels including chips, bark, agro-material, briquettes and pellets. In many cases these plants were originally set up to burn pulverized fuel and the only fuel suitable for the large infrastructure already in place has been pelletized material that can be ground to powder before being injected into the furnaces in the same way as coal.

Our pellets are on the top of premium and the best quality standards, the result of an efficient process design and a qualified and experienced team -the key of success of our wood pellets production and sales increase in the utilities market in Europe, and the heating market in Portugal and Spain.

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