The European Union policy – in accordance with international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol – has set up renewable energy targets of 20% by 2020 and stimulates biomass use in the power, heat and transport sectors. According to the European Renewable Energy Directives, European Governments encourage as well green power by granting support mechanisms under the form of green certificates or feed-in tariffs. This results in growing global demand for bio-energy resources originating from agriculture and forestry. But to effectively protect the environment verification programs are necessary in order to guarantee that fossil fuels are replaced in a sustainable fashion by biomass.

Enerpar takes active steps to manage its carbon footprint – example of that is the wood pellets plant, strategically located in a region of Portugal where the existence and availability of pine is high, and the distance to the sea port is reduced. These were key points of the plant project. Adding to this, Enermontijo is GGL (Green Gold Label) certified and wood pellets production follow the IWPB (Initiative Wood Pellets Buyers) Sustainability Principles.

IWPB Sustainability Principles


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